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Photo Restoration The restoration of photographs can be very difficult to price so to help give an idea of how much a particular repair might cost I have included samples of my work and how I would price something similar.

As you can see on the before image there was a lot of damage done to this image due to wear and tear over the years. Most of the faces were intact so they only required spot removal and patching up. The real work really came in when working on the floral wallpaper and the checked shirt. This required a lot of cloning and some educated guessing especially where creases come in to the shirt. The end result is something that looks as good as the original image would have 50 years ago.

It is for the time involved in this that I would have to price something like this at around £60.00.

This is an example of a lightly damaged photograph. A few creases, dust spots and washed out colour spoil the original slightly. In the restored version I did some spot removals, patched the creases and colour corrected the image to an approximation of what the original image would have looked like. I also performed noise removal and some subtle sharpening to bring the photograph out a little more.

Something that requires minor work like this would cost around £20.00.

Photo Restoration

Photo Restoration

The original photo had extensive water damage and bits of glass and frame were stuck to the photo. They could not be removed physically so they had to be painted out digitally. This was a pain staking process and took a few hours to complete.

Photo Restoration

A photograph of the Sydney harbour bridge. The client brought in a photograph of the bridge with the top cut off of it. She liked the feeling of the photograph but was disappointed about the top being missing.

With other photographs provided as reference the top of the image was created digitally and the image was cropped and rotated to make the photograph a little more aesthetically pleasing. A very complicated job that turned out well in the end.

Sydney Harbour Bridge
If you are in need of photo restoration work done, contact me with a high quality scan (600dpi or greater) of the image and I'll get back to you with a quote asap.