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About Colin Wood Media

My main areas of interest are in documentary and events work. I am competent in all facets of filmmaking and photography and I will comfortably take on almost any kind of project.

Here is a brief summary of what I have done to date.

Autumn 2008
I worked on sound and editing on the student documentary '90 Years in the Making', a film taking a look at the carers and patients of Erskine Hospital. The film has since been used internally to aid with the promotion of the care home to interested parties.

Spring 2009
I produced, filmed, and edited a documentary on the first ever Secret Wars art competition to be held in Scotland. Secret Wars is a growing phenomenon in the urban art scene, pitting 2 teams of artists against each other in a 90-minute paint off. The film gives some insight in to the scene and how it got started, while showing the artists doing their thing. I have since been involved in every Scottish Secret Wars event, with the last one being in September 2010.

Autumn 2009
I start work on my most ambitious project to date. The project is a feature length documentary on Glasgow heavy metallers, Attica Rage. Tentatively titled Attica Rising, the film will follow the band on the development of their second album and follow them on the road as they pursue a record deal. So far, the film has taken me all round England and Wales and also to Ibiza. The film is scheduled to be completed by summer 2011. The release date is unknown at this time.

While working on the Attica Rage film I decided to edit together a small 15 minute introduction to the band, and the plans for the new album. 'Making the Album' was nominated for an award in the best documentary category at the CCA in Glasgow.

Summer 2010
I worked with STV as a camera assistant on a 1 hour documentary for BBC Alba called Howard Wilson – Cop Turned Killer. This time was an invaluable experience, giving me an insight into how professional documentary and film crews operate.

I was commissioned to produce a corporate video for GE (General Electric) Caledonian.

Spring 2011
I was commissioned to produced embedded video content for Rebel Rebel Barbers new website. This content consisted of a 3-minute promo video and several 30 second staff profiles.
As of March 2011 I completed touring with Attica Rage. The film is now in the process of being edited.
I have completed a 30 minute documentary on the controversy surrounding cage fighting. I am featured on camera for the first time ever in my career, as a presenter.

Summer 2011
I was commissioned to create a last minute corporate video for a charity, Healthy Valleys, located in Lesmahagow. I was given only 3 weeks to create a 5 minute piece on the subject of a stress management programme called 'My Way'. It was targeted at potential funders and featured individual case studies from people already taking part in the programme. Feedback on the video was extremely positive from both funders and clients alike.

During the month of August through to the beginning of September I landed my first job on a major Hollywood movie. I was a location runner on the zombie movie, 'World War Z', featuring Brad Pitt. The production transformed Glasgow's George Square into a Philadelphia street for one of the films major set pieces. As location runner I was part of a team given the responsibilities of preparing the location for the days filming, and keeping the cast, background artists and crew happy. It was a valuable experience on the largest possible scale within the industry.

Colin Wood Media

General Information

I have a fully skill set accredited degree in Filmmaking and Screenwriting.
I have an extensive background in band videography and photography. I’ve filmed bands such as, Attica Rage, 15 Times Dead, Dog Tired, and most recently (October 2010)Neil Buchanan’s Marseille.

I have assisted on some film work for Cookie restaurant, and also produced a 3 and a half hour video covering a Muay Thai kickboxing event held at the Oran Mor in Glasgow.

At this point in my career I am mainly interested in paid positions or commissions going forward. If you are interested in a camera operator, sound operator or editor for a film production, or if you have any kind of events work (photo or video, gigs, weddings, christenings, sports) then I know I can do an excellent job.

Currently I am operating out of the Glasgow and South Lanarkshire area but I am willing to go further afield.