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Marseille - Wanna Get High

This is an example of three DV camera shoot combined with a DSLR for certain cut-aways. Sound was taken from the desk and mixed with the room. This is pretty much a typical setup for one of my live gig recordings. Sound quality from the mixing desk is always dependent on the operator and the quality of the output. Some times it can be pretty good. Some times like in this instance the sound was in need of a tonne of post work to try and salvage anything decent out of it. Lighting is always an issue when filming in a small club too. If you wish to have your gig filmed by us make sure it is in as good a venue as possible.
Dog Tired - Ain't Got The Time

This is a 7 DV camera shoot, allowing for a much more high tempo cut. I believe that with my current experience level the same can be achieved with around 5 cameras. This was my first proper multi-camera live music shoot. Sound from the desk was good but the lighting is a static and set a bit high.
Attica Rage - live at Hammerfest II, 2010

This is a single camera shoot at a good sized indoor festival in Wales. As is expected with the size of the venue the sound mix is the best I've encountered. With a single camera there are serious limitations on what can be achieved.

It is the cheapest option but will produce the poorest results visually. In this case everything else is near enough perfect which more than makes up for the absence of cutting, but in a small gig venue this won't always be the case.

Attica Rage - 'Contradictions' - live at Hard Rock Hell IV

This is an example of a three camera shoot at a major UK indoor festival. It is a perfect example of what can be achieved under optimum circumstances. The sound from the desk feed was not the greatest so I enlisted the help of sound engineer Roddy MacAudio