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Colin Wood Film - Documentary Filmwork  

This was my honours year university project. A 27 minute documentary on mixed martial arts/cage fighting in Scotland. The film attempts to question the perceptions of the sport and examines fighting in relation to human nature. The film was nominated at the 2011 university showcase held at the CCA in Glasgow. I had plenty of help on this project since I appear on camera, a lot. So I'd like to thank Calum MacPhail, Greg Speirs, Michael Sherrington, Keith Wood, and Sam Charles Hamad, for their contributions.
Secret Wars - Euroleague Quarter-Final

This battle covers the second leg of the Quarter Final clash between Glasgow and Birmingham 3/09/10. This is my fifth SW video by this point. It is more of an event video this time round and conforms to the style I had been using for the past couple of videos. The main hurdle to overcome on this shoot was the fact that the lighting was terrible. I’ve since learned never to trust artists when they say they have enough light!
Luckily with a bit of post work the night footage came out okay and the video ended up coming out as one of my favourites.
Secret Wars – Scotland vs England

This is a mini-documentary/event video on the growing underground phenomenon. It was filmed at the Glasgow School of Art on 10/04/09 in front of over 200 people. It was one of my earlier works and I tried experimenting, going for a sort of comic book look with it. It was also my earliest multi-camera shoot and laid the ground work for much of the events work which followed.
Attica Rage - Making the Album

I have been collaborating with Glasgow metal band, Attica Rage since October 2009 filming a feature length documentary on their exploits. I decided to make a separate Making of documentary as an opportunity to assess how I’d approach the feature stylistically. I submitted the short 15 minute piece as my end of third year film project.
It ended up being nominated for a “Best Documentary” award at an award ceremony held at the CCA.