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Hammerfest IV - The Hammer of Thor

A webcast to promote the Hammerfest festival to be held in March 2012. I filmed this with a combination of DV and DSLR footage. The video is the most effects intensive work I have done so far with as much time spent on the effects as was spent on the rest of the edit. The video is viewable on the official Hammerfest website.


Nutmeg Couture - Goddess shoot

This video was one of the easier days at the office and such a professional environment. The video is the making of a photo shoot for an up and coming eveningwear specialist.  I was enthusiastic about this one from the start as it was something new and  gave me another opportunity to put the Canon 550D through its paces once again. Building on past DSLR experience I believe  the footage here is some of the best I've shot to date and it shows progression from the Rebel Rebel video from a few months earlier.  The video has since been featured on the LGN Designer Showcase website.


Rebel Rebel Website Promo

A promo video for Rebel Rebel barbers based in Glasgow, next to Central Station. Shot on a Canon 550d using a combination of 18mm-55mm, 50mm prime, and 85mm prime lenses. The video was shot over a weekend and was used to help promote the business through their official website.
This version of the video has had the music replaced from the original for copyright reasons.

The original is available from the clients official site:

Hard Rock Hell 5 - Village of the Damned - Promo

One of my most high profile jobs so far.
The goal of the video was to help promote the December 2011 video and also reveal the theme for the opening night party. The video uses footage from Night of the Living Dead (Dir. George A. Romero, 1968) and footage shot at the 2010 festival.
The edit was tough and time consuming mainly due to the sound design requirements and a degree of visual effects work which I had to learn while doing.
The video is also viewable on the Hard Rock Hell Website.

GE Caledonian - Corporate video

General Electric Caledonian gave me the opportunity to prepare a corporate video for them in May 2010. Around seven cuts later the video was completed by the end of August. It would have been finished sooner but I was juggling various other projects at the time. To date it has probably been the most challenging video I’ve had to do.
I learned very quickly that when dealing with corporate type work that the customer is always right.
Ian Kenny Framing Limited - Corporate video

I shot this with a Canon 550D in 1080p HD.
This was my first opportunity to work with a DSLR for an entire project. The video took around 4 hours of filming and around 5 hours editing.
The result is a pretty nice, slow paced video which shows the finer detail involved in the framing process.
As you can see the video quality is immense. What you see is more or less unaltered from what was actually shot.
As for the actual content of the video it does the job. It shows what it needs to and fits the brief as given by the client.